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Experience Laponia world heritage site

At Laponia Adventures we help you experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site Laponia, with or without a guide. Few places are as relaxing as the UNESCO World Heritage Site Laponia. In parts of it, you can travel for days without seeing more than a handful of people. And most places have no phone coverage. It’s just you, the nature around you and the group you are traveling with. We look forward to giving you an unforgettable experience of the unique World Heritage Site Laponia and hope that you’ll return home full of energy and with exciting stories to share.

/Mirja & Christian

Sarek ski expedition

On this expedition you will be a part of a team exploring the deep valleys of Sarek national park. Surrounded by nothing but pure nature you’ll experience the wild and overwhelming silence from an area untouched by modern society.

Lunch in Padjelanta

Across Padjelanta on skis

Skiing through the vast landscape of Padjelanta national park we make our way through the untouched snow. We travel between cabins carrying our food in sledges. If we are lucky we may see a moose or ptarmigans along the way.

Laponia ski tour

Discover the arctic spring in the UNESCO world heritage site Laponia. During one week we visit both Sarek, Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfallet national parks. We ski from hut to hut and discover the surrounding landscape on day tours.
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Kungsleden and Sarek deluxe

On the Kungsleden and Sarek deluxe tour we travel along Kungsleden and Sarek National Park Border through snow-covered virgin forest and across wide-open alpine landscape. We ski with light backpacks while the support team transports our luggage to the next cabin.

Laponia winter yoga retreat

Join our winter retreat at Saltoluokta mountain lodge. We mix yoga and meditation with skiing and nature experiences. We start in Jokkmokk where you’ll meet Anna and learn more about her life in a reindeer herders’ family and listen to stories about the Sami culture.

Sami experience with Silba Siida

Jokkmokk winter market holiday

Jokkmokk winter market holiday is a weeklong activity package including accommodation at the guesthouse right in the center of Jokkmokk winter market. Enjoy the music and the atmosphere at the market place and try different winter activity such as dog sledding and searching for the northern light

Snowmobile support

Do you want to maximize your time the mountains and skip days of skiing to get were you really want to be? We can arrange snowmobile transport to various mountain huts and National Park borders in Laponia.

ski in Sarek

Rental equipment

Rent ski packages and sledges for you winter adventures. We also have tents from Hilleberg, sleeping bags and much more.

Route planning

The support team at Laponia Adventures has years of experience planning tours and expeditions in the entire Laponia area. We can help you plan your route and give you the scoop on our best secret spots.
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