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+46 (0)971 65 64 99

Call hours
Dec-Jan – All days 9-16
Feb-Apr – All days 8-20
May – Mon-Fri 9-16
Jun – All days 9-16
Jul-Aug – All days 8-20
Sep – All days 9-16
Okt-nov – Mon-Fri 9-16

We will do our best to answer your call. If we can’t, please send us an email and we will call you back or answer your email as soon as we can.

Visiting address
Laponia Adventures Jokkmokk
Sågvägen 8b

Laponia Adventures Gällivare
Stallarvägen 4b

Please note that we have no fixed opening hours. Contact us to book an appointment and we will make sure someone is there to help you.

Invoice and mail adress

Laponia Adventures Sweden AB
c/o Christian Heimroth
Klockartorget 1a
SE-962 32 Jokkmokk, Sweden