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Guided tours

Join one of our guided tours and experience the sparkling snow and dancing northern lights, midnight sun or autumn colors. Discover the UNESCO world heritage site Laponia together with Laponia Adventures and let us guide you to our favorite places. As a guest with Laponia Adventures, we warmly welcome you into our northern world, hoping you feel at home.

Winter tours

Sarek ski expedition – 9days
On this expedition you will be a part of a team exploring the deep valleys of Sarek national park. Surrounded by nothing but pure nature you’ll experience the wild and overwhelming silence from an area untouched by modern society.

Across Padjelanta on skis – 9days
Skiing through the vast landscape of Padjelanta national park we make our way through the untouched snow. We travel between cabins carrying our food in sledges. If we are lucky we may see a moose or ptarmigans along the way.

Laponia ski tour – 7days
Discover the arctic spring in the UNESCO world heritage site Laponia. During one week we visit both Sarek, Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfallet national parks. We ski from hut to hut and discover the surrounding landscape on day tours.
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Kungsleden and Sarek deluxe – 6days
On the Kungsleden and Sarek deluxe tour we travel along Kungsleden and Sarek National Park Border through snow-covered virgin forest and across wide-open alpine landscape. We ski with light backpacks while the support team transports our luggage to the next cabin.

Laponia winter yoga retreat – 6days
Join our winter retreat at Saltoluokta mountain lodge. We mix yoga and meditation with skiing and nature experiences. We start in Jokkmokk where you’ll meet Anna and learn more about her life in a reindeer herders’ family and listen to stories about the Sami culture.

Winter holidays

Sami experience with Silba Siida

Jokkmokk winter market holiday – 6 days
Jokkmokk winter market holiday is a weeklong activity package including accommodation at the guesthouse right in the center of Jokkmokk winter market. Enjoy the music and the atmosphere at the market place and try different winter activity such as dog sledding and searching for the northern light

Summer tours

Sarek Adventure trek – 9days
Sarek is the wildest and most alpine national park in Sweden. Join our trek through the open tundra, across glacial river crossing and through the lush Rapa valley. During the week we hike up Skierffe peak a 700-meter cliff that dives down in the meandering Rapa delta.

Hut-to-hut in Padjelanta National Park – 8days
Hike the Padjelanta trail from Darreluoppal to Ritsem. In Padjelanta we hike through the calving and summer grassing are of several different Sami communities. Padjelanta, or “Badjelánnda” in Sami means the “higher land” and contains Great Lakes and soft and rolling mountain hills.

Yoga hike

Hike in the heart of Laponia – 6days
Discover the heart of Laponia world heritage. On a weeklong trek you will learn more about the sami culture, experience beautiful mountain scenery and get to eat freshly caught fish from the lakes. Look forward to varied hiking with a light backpack and comfortable nights in cabins.

Laponia yoga and hiking retreat – 6days
Welcome you to a week with hiking, yoga and meditation at Saltoluokta mountain lodge. Leave all the stress and enjoy powerful views and recovering yoga and meditation.

Autumn colors in Muddus National park- 4days
Muddus national park that is part of UNESCO world heritage site Laponia, is considered one of the most silent places in Sweden. Join or weekend-hike through old an old forest with hanging lichens and waterfalls. We cook over open fire and eat berries directly from the bushes.