Hiking and trekking tours - Laponia Adventures

Hiking and trekking tours

Hut-to-hut tours

Seeing reindeer during Sarek hike

From hut-to-hut in Padjelanta National Park – 8days
Hike along Padjelanta National Park following the Padjelanta trail.

Yoga hike

Hike in the heart of Laponia – 6days
Discover the heart of Laponia World Heritage Site and hike through three different National Parks.

Autumn colors in Muddus National park- 4days
Enjoy old threes spectacular waterfalls and ravins in Muddus National Park.

Camping tour

On top of Skierfe

Sarek Adventure trek – 9days
Join our trek in Sarek Nationalpark with dramatic views over the Rapa Valley.

Yoga and hiking retreats

Laponia yoga and hiking retreat – 6days
Combine hiking in the mountains with recovering yoga and meditation. Accommodation in mountain cabins and mountain lodge.

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