Jokkmokk winter market 2021 - Laponia Adventures

Jokkmokk digital winter market 2021

The situation that we are all facing due to the Corona-virus have made it impossible to run Jokkmokk winter market as usual. For the first time in over 400 years the first week in February will not be a week full of people, music and shops. But Jokkmokk winter market is not cancelled, it will just be a bit different. Part of the market will take place online but many activities will still be there, just smaller groups and with more physical distance between us. This will for sure be a unique happening in Jokkmokk!

Winter activities in Jokkmokk
Laponia adventures offers different winter activities in Jokkmokk during Jokkmokk digital winter market 2021. Join a wildlife watching tour, try skiing in the woodlands just outside town or search for the northern light.