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Jokkmokk winter market 2024

Sami experience with Silba Siida

Jokkmokk winter market holiday
Stay in a cozy guesthouse with the market place just around the corner. Experience the festive atmosphere, the music, the food. And also try dogsledding, learn about the Sami culture and search for the great Sarek Moose.

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Winter activities in Jokkmokk
Join one of our winter activities. Search for the great Sarek mouse or look for the magical northern light.

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The story

“The history of Jokkmokk winter market goes far back in time to the beginning of the 17th century. The Swedish king had decided to take control of trading in the northern parts of the country and officially started the market to be able to collect taxes. But people in the north had already started to trade long before that.

Today, Jokkmokk winter market is a well-visited marketplace attracting thousands of visitors each year. Visit Jokkmokk and join one of our day trips or book the whole package with activities, accommodation and food.”

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