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About Laponia Adventures

Laponia Adventures
What we do

At Laponia Adventures we help you experience the UNESCO world heritage site Laponia, either on your own or together with one of our guides. We are specialized in organizing tours and expeditions throughout the UNESCO world heritage site Laponia and in the woodlands around Jokkmokk and Gällivare. For you who prefer hiking or skiing on your own we rent outdoor equipment and assist with route planning, logistics and much more.

Who we are

Laponia Adventures is an outdoor company in Swedish Lapland based in Jokkmokk and Gällivare above the Arctic circle. We are Mirja Andersson and Christian Heimroth, the founders and owners of Laponia Adventures. Together we have more than 20 years of experience organizing guided tours and expeditions. Both of us are interested in the nature and the culture in the UNESCO world heritage site Laponia and would like to share our knowledge with our guest.  

Experience the UNESCO world heritage site Laponia

Our story

At first it was mostly said as a joke. “Maybe we should start a company together”. But after a while we both started consider it an option. At the time we were running our own respective companies, but had started to guide and organize Sarek ski expedition together. 

In march 2014 our ski expedition in Sarek national park were hit by a severe snowstorm. The whole group were working hard to reach lower terrain where we could build an emergency camp. Somewhere in that snowstorm, we realized that we worked well together, even in challenging and stressful situations. 

In 2016 we finally realized that it would actually be a good idea to start up something together and by the beginning of 2017 Laponia Adventures were up and running. 

Our philosophy

Laponia was inscribed on the UNESCO World heritage list due to its unique nature and culture values. At Laponia Adventures we wants to develop a long-term sustainable business built on respect of those values. As a tourist company we are actually exploiters of the land but we strive to minimize our impact on the Sami people and their way of life. Therefor we keep a constant dialog with the local Sami communities and work to protect the nature and culture in the area.

For us, long-term sustainability, includes both respect toward the local people and the local economy. Through our work, we aim to support as many local companies as possible. We buy reindeer meat directly from local reindeer herders. Our logo was made by a local company in a small village outside Gällivare. 

There are few places on earth that are as relaxing as the UNESCO world heritage site of Laponia. You can still travel for days without seeing more than a handful of people. We want you to get to know the place and we also want to get to know you. Therefor we travel in small groups with maximum 8 guests per guide, with 2 guides we can take up to 12 people. All our main guides are locals and are well informed about the area where we are travelling.

For more info read Our Ecotourism policy

Welcome to us

As a guest with Laponia Adventures, we warmly welcome you into our northern world, hoping you feel at home. It is our sincere hope that you return home full of energy and exciting stories to share.

Mirja & Christian

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions or don’t find what you are looking for.

Send an email to info@laponiaadventures.com
We are happy to help and will answer you as soon as we can.