Laponia explorer 2024 - an expedition in Sarek

Laponia explorer 2024

Camp during Sarek hike

Hike and camp in Njoatsosvagge – one of the wildest valleys in Sarek 

Laponia explorer is an expedition in Sarek, specially made for our most experienced guests. Maybe you have already been out with us on one of our more advanced tours or you have been out on several hikes on your own. As a guest on this trek you are more involved in navigation, choice of camping spot etc. Many decisions are made together as a team.

Our idea is to, together with our most advanced guests, explore parts of Laponia where we haven’t been so much yet. Areas that we would like to have a closer look at.

Every year we choose a new area to have a closer look at and this year we’ve chosen Sarek National Park and Njoatsosvagge. It is known for mighty waterfalls, paths that come and go, step uphills and green mountain meadows. It is also known as one of the wildest valleys in Sarek National Park.

Join us and experience:
  • Remote Njoatsosvágge in southern parts of Sarek
  • Dramatic nature and mighty views
  • The joy of exploration
  • Great fellowship and team spirit
  • The enjoyment of well prepared and tasty food after a long day’s hike
Book your adventure online!

Or actually, an expedition in Sarek are not suitable for spontaneous online bookings. It can rather be something that you dreamed about for a while or had to prepare for. Let’s instead call it an application form to join our team!

Please start by filling out the form below and we take it from there.

Requirement to join the team

We want you to:

  • have the ability to hike full days in the mountains, partly off-trail, with a 20-kilo backpack.
  • have earlier experience from at least one multi-day camping tour in the mountains during the last 10 years.
  • have good balance to be able to manage rocky terrain and more advanced river crossings.
  • have the ability to deal with cold and wet environments 24/7.
  • like traveling in a group and work well in a team.

We also recommend you to:

  • like going active vacations with authentic nature experiences.
  • be 18 years old or older.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your physical ability or experience level.

Booking with us should feel easy and safe!

When receiving your application, we will manually review it to make sure we think Laponia explorer is the right tour for you. After that we’ll send you a payment link where we ask you to pay a 20% deposit to secure your reservation. The remaining balance is cleared 30 days prior to arrival by a new payment link.

>> See our Terms and conditions

If the tour is booked out?

Or the available dates this summer don’t match your schedule. Would you like to know when we open up for reservations for next summer?

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Quick info:

Location: Sarek and Padjelanta National Parks
Length: 9 days
Date 2024: Jul 20-28
Price: SEK 27950/person
Group size: Maximum 8 guests
Level: Very demanding

The price includes:

  • Experienced local and English speaking guide
  • Accommodation 8 nights
  • Full board with all meals
  • All camping and safety equipment
  • Round trip transportation from Jokkmokk

Not included

  • Travel to and from Jokkmokk
  • Travel insurance
  • Beverage at restaurants


Included meals marked each day with B=breakfast, L=lunch and D=dinner


We’ll pick you up at the bus station in Jokkmokk and drive you to our place just outside Jokkmokk. Together we plan the last details for our expedition in Sarek and Njoatsosvagge and go through the equipment all together. We have lunch and get everything and everyone into the minivans that take us west towards the mountain village Kvikkjokk. We hike for a few hours in the direction of Boarek before we set camp and enjoy our first dinner together.

Hiking distance: 8 km, elevation gain/loss: +200/-0, estimated time out hiking: 3-4h


We start the day with a real mountain breakfast before we pack down camp and put on our backpacks. We continue our expedition in Sarek National Park. Exactly what route we choose is to be decided but our first goal is Boarek, maybe a day tour up to Pårtetjåhkkå observatory if the weather is with us. We continue the path through Njoatsosvágge, passing Lulep and Alep Njoatsosjávrre continuing towards the border to Padjelanta National Park. Maybe there will be time for a visit to the pole of inaccessibility or the old chapel in Alkavare. We’ll see.

Hiking distance: about 15 km/day, elevation gain/loss: a bit unknown but around +1700/-1100 in 6 days, estimated time out hiking: about 6-10h/day


After breakfast we’ll get ready for the last push finishing our expedition in Sarek. We hike to the pickup spot south of the cabins in Darreluoppal. We fly with helicopters back to Kvikkjokk from where we continue in minivans back to Jokkmokk. We’ll finish the week with a well-deserved shower followed by a two-course dinner together.

Hiking distance: 8 km, elevation gain/loss: +0/-250, estimated time out hiking: 3-4h


After a good night’s sleep and a nice breakfast, it is time to say good-bye and start your journey home.

Small groups and experienced guides

The team will be up to 8 guests and one-two guides and we’ll need a minimum of 3 guests in total to give it a go. At least one of the guides will have experience from leading several trekking tours in Sarek National Park. In the team there will also often be a second guide or trainee.

Accommodation and comfort

Seven nights camping in Sarek National Park. High-quality tents from Hillebergs. Two-three persons in each tent. No toilets, showers, running water, electricity, cell-phone coverage or WIFI available. Just pure nature and mountains!

One night in cabins outside Jokkmokk. This is a new place so we don’t know so much about it yet. But it will for sure be good, and good food!

The food

Let’s be honest! We are not a “go-light” company, and we like good food! And we want you to try the best that the north of Sweden has to offer. At least the best that you can have on an expedition in Sarek National Park. Actually, good food is also important to stay warm and happy all day and night. We start the day with a hearty breakfast in camp in the morning followed by a simpler lunch somewhere in the mountains during the day. In the evening is where the magic happens. BUT, for the backpacks not to be too heavy we may sneak in one or two freeze-dried meals.

In Jokkmokk we enjoy a 2-course dinner in the evening and breakfast buffets the following morning.

Meeting point and how to get here

We will meet you at Jokkmokk bus station. If you choose to arrive one day earlier we recommend you to stay at Jokkmokk Guesthouse. Pickup can also be organized from there.

Meeting time: At 10.00 on day 1

We’ll finish the tour after breakfast at the bus station in Jokkmokk around 10 on day 9.

>> Information about how to travel here and home

Solo travelers

Most of our guests travel on their own and some travel as couples, family or friends. Traveling solo is a great way to experience new areas and to find new outdoor friends.

What to bring

We supply you with all camping and safety equipment. What you need to bring is your clothes and some small things.

>>Packing list Laponia Explorer

We reserve the right to make changes

Nature is a dynamic place and we may need to adjust the route and the itinerary according to the current weather conditions. We are also in contact with representatives for the local reindeer herders’ communities and other local actors to collaborate in the best way possible.

Common asked questions and answers

How heavy will the backpack be?

As part of the team on this expedition in Sarek you’ll carry your own backpack  with your private gear and part of food and common equipment. In the beginning the pack will weigh about 20 kg but as we go it will weigh less and less.

Do I have to be super-fit?

This expedition in Sarek is one of our toughest summer tours and it requires a lot from the participants. But you don’t have to be running marathons or lifting heavy weights at the gym. Please read through the requirements listed further up and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss your experience level.

How cold will it be?

During a week-long expedition in Sarek National Park we’ll see all kinds of weather. We can experience sunshine and +35 C degrees during the day but also +5 C degrees with rain and strong winds. Night temperatures can drop down to around 0 C, but normally stays around +10 C. Sometimes we wake up to snow-covered peaks around us. But don’t worry too much about the cold. Pack according to the packing list and listen to good advice from the guide team about how to stay warm.

Will there be a lot of mosquitoes?

There will be mosquitoes. How much depends on the temperature and how much rain we get during the weeks before our trek. But also how windy it is during the week that we are out trekking in Sarek National Park. We do our best to choose a camping spot and have breaks where there is a light breeze that keeps most of the mosquitoes away. If you are sensitive to insects we recommend that you bring a mosquito hat and repellent. If you are allergic, please discuss with your doctor if you should bring some antihistamin.

I have high blood pressure; can I still go?

We don’t automatically say no just because you have a medical condition but it should not be a high risk factor for you or the group. We recommend that you talk to your doctor and make sure you have medication that you know works well for you. AND please let us know when filling out the application form and we can discuss this with you before we head out.

I am a vegetarian; can I join the team?

We are used to handling most food preferences and allergies, just let us know when filling out the application form. BUT with limited cooking space we can’t handle too advanced requests or guarantee that it will be totally free from gluten or lactose etc. If you have a severe allergy please contact us to discuss this with us.

Do you have any questions?

Please send us an email to
We are happy to help and will answer you as soon as we can.