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Nature’s best

Seeing reindeer during Sarek hike

Already from the start we have prioritized to support the local economy and to show both the local culture and nature respect. Nature’s best felt like an obvious way for us to go.

Our Ecotourism policy

Our business concept is to help our customers experience the nature and culture in the World Heritage Site Laponia and its surroundings. We are specialized in organizing tours and expeditions throughout Laponia and in the forests around Jokkmokk and Gällivare. We also rent out the equipment or offer support services for those who want to experience the place on their own. At Laponia Adventures, we want to contribute to a long-term sustainable tourism where we show consideration for, and adapt to, the nature and culture in and around Laponia World Heritage Site.

Respect towards the nature and culture in the area
  • When planning new products, and before implementing our arrangements, we consult with a representative from the affected Sami villages and, if necessary, also with landowners.
  • Our entire business is adapted to the challenges for the nature and culture and we respect any sensitive areas and times of the year.
  • We travel in small groups and make only a few trips in the same area each year.
  • We want to minimize our traces in nature and work continuously to develop routines for a trace-less journey. Our trace-less journey includes showing respect to nature, people that live in the area, and the landscape.
  • We observe wildlife from a distance and let reindeer and wild animals get close themselves if they want to.
  • Routes, breaks and campsites are chosen not to disturb wildlife and people who live and work in the area.
  • We have developed Codes of Conduct for how we and our guests should behave in nature and towards animals and people we meet. Guests on our tours and events are informed orally or in written text and customers who use our rental equipment or support are informed in writing text.

Support local business
  • By buying products and services locally, we want to contribute to and support a positive economic development in the northern part of Sweden.
  • We have good collaborations with other guide companies and accommodation facilities in the towns and strive for a good relationship and communication with other industries.

Respect for each other and people we meet
  • Our goal is for our employees to have a healthy work situation and feel appreciated for their work.
  • All staff and people we meet on our tours are treated with respect regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, culture, religion and sexual orientation.

Reduced environmental impact
  • We take responsibility for both visible and invisible waste on our trips. Waste is sorted and carried home and we minimize contamination of lakes, streams and rivers with soap residues etc.
  • By renting out outdoor equipment and offering support services, we want to make it possible for our customers to contribute to a reduced global consumption.
  • We have guidelines that govern and limit the use of helicopters on our tours.
  • We have a written environmental plan that we follow and revise regularly. The environmental plan deals with transport, housing, cooking, consumption and chemicals, information and marketing. The entire environmental plan can be sent by email to those who want to know more.

Quality and safety on our tours
  • We conduct knowledge-based nature tourism with guidance in small groups with a personal and genuine hosting. We want to give our customers a deeper relationship to the area and an increased knowledge and understanding of the nature and the culture.
  • To be able to deliver our tours and services in a safe way we have established safety plans and checklists that are regularly updated.
  • We have the permits required for organized activities within the Laponia World Heritage Site
  • When customers return from their experiences, they are offered to provide feedback on their experience and our work with ecotourism. The evaluations help us in our work to constantly improve our tours so that customers have the best possible experience.
  • We work to ensure that customers who rent equipment or hire us for outdoor support are well informed about the area in order to minimize the risk of unnecessary evacuations due to ignorance.
  • We continuously invest in knowledge development for our staff with safety related courses, but also in local natural and cultural knowledge.
  • We have established training routines for staff and sub-contractors

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