Our team - Laponia Adventures

Our team

Laponia Adventures is founded and owned by Mirja and Christian and we guide both longer tours in the mountains and activities around town. We are a small company with big dreams and we wouldn’t have last long without our network of friends, guides and support staff.
Meet our team!

Mirja Andersson

I have been hiking and working in many different countries around the world but there is something special with the World Heritage Site Laponia. The presence of a living Sami culture together with a fantastic unspoiled nature. It is truly a perfect place to disconnect from your daily life and connect with nature and the people around you.

I am one of the owners of Laponia Adventures and I guide both multi-day tours as well as shorter tours around Jokkmokk and Gällivare. At the office I coordinate the guided tours and rental equipment but also answer your questions and help you with your reservation.

Christian Heimrot

I am genuinely interested in being in nature, and I like to inspire people around me to do the same. Every time I go out I learn something new. From locals that we meet on the trail, from co-workers or from our guest. When I am out with guests I like to share my stories and the stories I’ve heard about the World Heritage Site Laponia. 

I am one of the owners of Laponia Adventures. I guide both multi-day tours as well as shorter tours around Jokkmokk and Gällivare. At the office I coordinate the outdoor support. But also make sure our vehicles and equipment are in good shape and ready to head out. 

Cathrin Larsson

Cathrin is new in the team and mainly work with our social media channels but also answers emails and handles bookings from time to time. She has been frequent visitor in Laponia over the last 10 years, both as a cabin host and on longer private winter and summer tours. Cathrin started at Laponia Adventures as a trainee and has really gotten interested in this place. She has now finished her studies to become a mountain leader and will start guide for us this summer.

Alex Heimrot

Alex have been working for Laponia Adventures during high season for several years and have finally decided to move up here. He is innovative and an inspiration for new and creative tours around Jokkmokk. You will mostly meet Alex if you use our Outdoor support or when renting equipment from us. He is also servicing our vehicles and guide shorter activities around Jokkmokk.

Ola Baer

Ola grew up in a family of reindeer herders and still takes part in reindeer herding from time to time. He has been part of our team at Laponia Adventures since the beginning and knows the area very well. You will meet Ola when renting equipment from us or using our outdoor support. 

Jonas Gustavsson

Jonas has a deep knowledge about wild animals and how they interact with the nature around. You can always trust him to be caring and calm but also well organized. Jonas guide the longer ski and hiking tours for Laponia Adventures and also help with outdoor support.