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Camping equipment

Rent camping equipment for your adventure in Laponia.

Tent 1-3 persons – Price list

1person tents
– Hilleberg Akto, weight 1,7kg

2 persons tents
– Hilleberg Nallo 2 GT, weight 2,9kg
– Hilleberg Allak 2, Vikt 3,3kg

3 persons tents
– Hilleberg Nallo 3 GT, weight 3,1kg
– Hilleberg Allak 3, Vikt 3,7kg
– Hilleberg Nammatj 3 GT, weight 4,1kg
– Hilleberg Keron 3 GT, weight 5,0kg

Winter sleeping bag – Price list

Carinthia Survival One/Defence 6
Weight: 2900g/2600g
Pack size: 25-27x45cm
Temperatures: Comfort -20 C/Extreme -40 C
Insulation: polyester

Including travel sheet

Summer sleeping bag – Price list

Summer sleeping bags
Marmot Trestles Elite Eco 20
Weight: 1077g (regular)/1160g (long)
Pack size: 24x48cm
Temperatures: Comfort +0,1 C/Temperature -5,8 C/Extreme -23 C
Insulation: polyester
Sizes: Regular (max 183cm) och Long (max 198cm)

Including travel sheet

Multifuel stove – Price list

Includes cooking kit with 2 saucepan, lid, pot grip and frying pan.

– MSR Whisper lite Universal
Weight 549g ex fuel
– Primus Omni fuel
Weight 350g ex fuel

NOTE: Fuel is NOT included in the price, can be added when you make your reservation.

Winter camp shoes – Price list

Including inner filt shoe
– Neos Voyager
Weight approx. 850g/pair
Warm and comfy but no good for walking longer distances

Insulation mat – Price list

Inflatable sleeping pads or full-size foam pads

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