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Padjelanta National Park

Duottar cabins

The higher land

Padjelanta National Park, or Badjelánnda in Sami, means the higher land. Its just just below 2000 km2 makes Padjelanta the biggest National Park in Sweden and stretches all the way from Sarek National Park in the east, to the Norwegian border in the west. The terrain in is relatively flat with rolling hills and great mountain lakes. The late melting snow and high precipitation together with a bedrocks full of limestone creates great conditions for a unique flora. The rich flora was actually the reason for declaring Padjelanta a National Park in 1962.

First time I visited Padjelanta was in wintertime and I was stunned by the beauty and how few other skiers you met. /Mirja

Culture and history

Padjelanta National Park is, with the gently terrain and rich flora, a great summer grazing land for the reindeers from several different Sami communities. In the spring, after the great migration to the mountains, the calfs are born here. A few months later they are also being marked in the area. People have lived in Padjelanta National Park for thousands of years and if you look carefully you’ll find plenty of traces from old hearths and hunting pit systems. Padjelanta National Park is a living culture landscape and the home and working place for the Sami people. Remember that we are visitors in the land of the reindeers and make sure to travel with respect for the animal and people who live here.

Padjelanta National Park

Area:1998 km2
Inagurated: 1962
Access points: Ritsem, Kvikkjokk
Hiking season: Jul-Sep
Skiing season: Mar-Apr


The Padjelanta trail, that takes you across the whole National Park, pass several summer settlement where it is possible to buy fish, reindeer meat and bread. There are also several cabins along the way where you can sleep or pay a day fee to access the kitchen. To join a guided tour with Laponia Adventures you’ll need to be in fairly good shape. Some of the distances between the cabins are over 20 kilometers. In the summer you will carry your equipment and some common food on your back. And in the winter pull a loaded sledge. Please read more about our winter tour in Padjelanta:

Across Padjelanta on skis

To visit Padjelanta National Park on your own you’ll have to know how to deal with heavy rainfall and low temperatures. In summertime the trail is a relatively well-marked but it is still necessary to have basic navigation skills. Also bring a map and compass. During wintertime there are no trail marks to follow but each cabin area will have one 6-bed cabin open. You will need advanced navigation skills and know how to deal with strong winds, heavy snowfall and low temperatures.

Laponia Adventures rent equipment and our outdoor support can help you with planning and logistics for you visit in Padjelanta National Park.

How to get to Padjelanta National Park

Padjelanta National Park can be reached from Ritsem in the north or Kvikkjokk in the south. You can travel here by car or bus. From Ritsem regular helicopter flights with Fiskflyg to Staloluokta and from Kvikkjokk you can fly in to Tarraluoppal.

Plan your travel here with train and bus with help of the following pages.
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