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Private and custom made tours

We organize private tours for families and friends and custom made events/tours for companies and partners. Scroll down for some examples of earlier tours.

Donor trip with Rewilding Europe

We helped in the planning process as well as supported and guided a 4-day long tour. We started by visiting some of Rewilding Europe’s ongoing projects in Norrbotten and finished with two days with day trips from Årrenjarka mountain village.

Yearly photo tour with Indomitus

Marta and Tato from Indomitus contacted us to plan, support and guide a photo tour to Skierffe and Rapa Valley. The first tour took place in 2022 and is now a yearly event.

Multiple tours with Live it up

During several years we helped to plan and support tours with Live it up. Those tours were part of a longer leadership education for younger women from south of Sweden.

vandra i Sarek

Family trip to Sarek

A 6-day long trek in Sarek with two families with children in the age of 15-20 years old. A private custom made tour to Rapa Valley.

Trekking in Sarek together with National Geographic

National Geographic contracted a local guide from us and rented equipment for a longer trek through Sarek and Rapa Valley.

Support and a day tour in Sarek

Three families with children from 12 years old wanted to do a hut-to-hut tour. We organized food delivery to different mountain cabins and at the same time snowmobile support for the youngest children on the longer days. We also guided a day tour in Sarek from one of the cabins.

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