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Snowmobile support

Be a climate hero!

If you have the possibility, please book a return ticket instead of your own transportation. We make flexible trips available online as we get reservations.

Our goal is to never drive with an empty carriage. It is just a waste of fuel!

Book a private tour when YOU want

Are you traveling as a group or you have a specific date when you want to go? Email us and we book you on your snowmobile support. You pay per snowmobile carriage (maximum 4p/carriage).


…or be flexible and join a return trip

Do you have a flexible schedule? Do you travel alone or as a couple? Then it could be worth checking out our return tickets. You pay per seat.

Safety considerations

We recommend you to bring the following equipment to be prepared for unpredictable weather situations along the way.

  • Appropriate clothing for the current weather conditions
  • Thicker down jacket and goggles
  • Thermos with hot water
  • Emergency food or larger snacks
  • A thinner sleeping bag
  • Tent or wind-sack as emergency bivouac
Price lists and common asked questions

Price list - Private tour 2024 (ONE-WAY)

The price includes room for up to 4 persons plus ski equipment and a large backpack/pulka per person

– STF Ritsem ↔ STF Akka SEK 2175
– STF Ritsem ↔ Kutjaure NP-border SEK 4500
– STF Ritsem ↔ STF Kutjaure SEK 5100
– Kebnats/Saltoluokta ↔ STF Sitojaure SEK 4380
– Kebnats/Saltoluokta ↔ STF Aktse SEK 7050
– Kebnats/Saltoluokta ↔ Risjákjávrre SEK 4380
– Kebnats/Saltoluokta ↔ Vita stenen SEK 7050

PLEASE NOTE: In case of significantly increased fuel prices, we may have to add temporary fuel surcharges that affect the price for transportation.

Price list - Return tickets 2024 (ONE-WAY)

The price includes a seat for one person plus one pair of skis and a large backpack/pulka. Psst…Go 4 but only pay for 3. If you are a group of four you get one seat for free!

– STF Ritsem ↔ STF Akka SEK 725/p
– STF Ritsem ↔ Kutjaure NP-border SEK 1500/p
– STF Ritsem ↔ STF Kutjaure SEK 1700/p
– Kebnats/Saltoluokta ↔ STF Sitojaure SEK 1460/p
– Kebnats/Saltoluokta ↔ STF Aktse SEK 2350/p
– Kebnats/Saltoluokta ↔ Risjákjávrre SEK 1460/p
– Kebnats/Saltoluokta ↔ Vita stenen SEK 2350/p

PLEASE NOTE: In case of significantly increased fuel prices, we may have to add temporary fuel surcharges that affect the price for transportation.

How does the support work?

During the transportation you will sit in a sledge behind the snowmobile, or in some occasions, behind the driver on the snowmobile. We provide you with insulated foam pads and warm blanket to stay warm during the transportation. We also expect you to wear appropriate clothing depending on the weather condition. A helmet will be provided if you sit behind the driver. Please note that weather and wind conditions may delay our arrival.

Where do you go?

Click the links for maps showing our different routes, pickup and drop-off spots.

Map – Snowmobile support out of Ritsem
Map – Snowmobile support out of Kebnats/Saltoluokta

Would you like to go somewhere else? Please contact us and we hope to be able to help you.

Can we travel with kids?

Please contact us for special price.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about our snowmobile support or doesn’t find a routes, dates or schedules that matches your plan.

Send us an email to
We are happy to help and will answer you as soon as we can.