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Top 5 places to go skiing in the Mountains of Laponia

Some of us have our skis packed and ready already when the first snow falls and don’t put them aside before the last snow patch have melted. The UNESCO world heritage site Laponia is for you who want to travel beyond groomed trails and ski resorts and experience the real winter.

In the northern part of the Scandinavian mountains the snow covers the ground from late October to May or early June. A paradise for snow lovers. Here you have plenty of time to experience the vast and magnificent snowy landscape. The best time to ski in the mountains of Laponia is from late February to end of April.

For the adventurous…

Sarek national park is one of the most alpine areas in Sweden with six peaks that reaches above 2000-meters. The place is remote, weather can be challenging and there are no huts available for visitors. Sarek has few visitors during the winter and you might ski for a week without seeing anyone. A perfect place for a winter camping adventure! Start your adventure in Saltoluokta Mountain lodge, Ritsem, Aktse mountain cabin or Kvikkjokk.
Highlights: Remoteness, untouched snow, disconnected from modern life

For the silence seeker…

Padjelanta, the biggest national park in Sweden is so far the forgotten pearl in wintertime. The rolling hills and the absent of snowmobile tourism makes it a paradise for cross-country ski adventures. There are huts available in the national park but only one room is open for visitors in the winter. The trail is not marked in the winter so you have to be a fairly strong navigator. Access Padjelanta from Ritsem or Kvikkjokk.
Highlights: Remoteness, untouched snow, cozy basic cabins

For the enjoyer of life…

UNESCO world heritage site Laponia is established to protect the unique combination of nature and culture. Visit the place where the rolling hills of Padjelanta meets the rugged peaks of Sarek and the majestic Ahkka mountains. Stay in cozy basic cabins and visit the outskirts of the national parks on day-trips. The easiest way to access the area is to travel to Ritsem and start skiing from there or order a snowmobile transport across the lake to Akka cabin.
Highlights: Ahkka mountain, mountain views, cozy cabin life

For the comfortable skier…

Maybe you already know about Kungsleden, the most famous hiking trail in Sweden. But did you know that there is also a winter trail for skiers? One section of the trail goes from Kvikkjokk to Saltoluokta following the eastern border of Sarek national park. Along the way you’ll pass three mountain huts that are open from March to April. Stay an extra night in Aktse and ski up to Skierfe peak from where you can see the frozen Rapa Delta from above.
Highlights: Relaxed cabin life, views over Sarek national park, Skierfe peak

For the beginner…

Without access to any roads you’ll find Saltoluokta mountain lodge. This place is a great introduction to the mountains with various level of room standard or service. From here you can discover the mountain on day-tours with or without a guide. Travel here buy bus from Gällivare and then ski or walk across the frozen lake. Contact Saltoluokta mountain lodge for snowmobile pickup. And don’t forget to make a reservation in the restaurant.
Highlights: Dinner at the restaurant, homely place, mountain views

Would you like more information about the different places or help to plan your adventure. Please visit our outdoor support page or look at the rental equipment available.