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Muddus National Park

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Muddus National Park, part of Laponia World Heritage Site, is located in the forest area between Gällivare and Jokkmokk. In the National Park, you will find large marshlands, waterfalls and deep ravins. Muttos, the Sami name of the area, is filled with old-growth forest unaffected by forestry.

Old growth forests and deep ravins

Muddus National Park is mostly known for its old growth forest. You can come here to hike in silence or to ski among snow-capped trees. But here there are also marshes so large that they are called seas, áhpe in Sami. In winter, when they are frozen, they have been used as migration routes for people and animals. In summer there are trails and the paths follow the ridges in southern Muddus. Here there are deep ravines where the water finds its way down towards Great Lule river.

A suitable place

People have always traveled through the National Park. In Muddus there are ancient paths, old hearths and trapping pits where wild reindeer were caught in the past. Since the last ice age, people have lived here as hunters and gatherers. The origin of the Sami name, Muttos, is unknown. It could come from the Sami word muttak, which means “suitable” or “just enough”, which means that here you’ll find what is needed for a good life.

In Muddus there are ancient paths, old hearths and trapping pits where wild reindeer were caught in the past.

Nowadays no people live here but the reindeer still graze here in wintertime. The lands are used by the Sami communities of Sirges, Unna tjerusj and Gällivare forest Sami village. There are ancient migration routes where the reindeer still today use the same paths that the wild reindeer have followed in the past.

To travel in Muddus

In the southern part of Muddus, there is a 50 kilometer marked trail system. It stretches over ridges, past mighty waterfalls and along boardwalks across marshes. In winter there are no marked trails, but you can still ski through the National park. During the winter, also the northern part of Muddus opens up to skiers who can easily cross the frozen marshlands.

There are five cabins where you can stay overnight that are open all year round.

There are five cabins where you can stay overnight that are open all year round. They all have very basic, with bunk beds and wood burning stove and a gas stove. There are also plenty of picnic areas with outhouses, fireplaces and firewood. For those who prefer to stay in tents will find many and beautiful tent sites.

The best time of the year

If you want to experience Muddus National Park during winter, it is suitable during March and April. The light has started to return and the days are getting long enough. The hiking season runs from May to October, but our favorite time of the year is August-September. If you want to experience the tranquility of deep old forests and travel along ancient tracks, Muddus is the place to visit.

Quick fact about Muddus:

Terrain: Relatively easy trails and boardwalks
Best time to visit: February-Mars & August-September
Amount of Cabins: 5 (with 2-12 beds).
Trails: 50 kilometers of summer trails. No winter trails
For who?: Suitable for most hikers in summer. Skiing in winter time requires good navigation skills.

More fact about Muddus
  • Muddus National Park was established in 1942 and has an area of ​​511 square kilometers.
  • The area is located in the forests south of Gällivare and north of Jokkmokk and near Stora Luleälv.
  • The national park borders road E45 and the main entrance to Skájdde is at the southern end.
  • Muddus is the largest forested National Park in Sweden. It consists of old-growth forest and extensive marshes.
  • Since 1996, Muddus has been part of the Laponia World Heritage Site.
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Enjoy old trees, spectacular waterfalls and ravines in Muddus National Park.

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Guided midwinter ski tour in Muddus – 7days
Ski in the forest of Muddus National Park staying in cozy forest cabins. Unsupported tour where we all help to pull sledges with common food and equipment.

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At our place you can rent everything from skis to tents and sleeping bags.

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