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Terms and conditions & privacy policy

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 General terms and conditions

General Terms and conditions for experiences, activities, rental of equipment and support

These conditions apply to purchases of multi-day tours, activities, rental of equipment or support services provided that the conditions are attached to the confirmation of the order or in other ways agreed between the parties that these conditions should apply.

1. Definitions

In these terms and conditions, specified terms have the following meanings:
Arrangements – experiences or activities provided with or without accommodation and/or meals, for individual guests, or group orders
Services – rental of equipment or delivery of support service
Multi-day tours – arrangements that extend over at least one night.
Day activities – arrangements that begin and end on the same day.
Rental of equipment – rental of outdoor equipment for individual guests or group orders.
Snowmobile support support – transport of individuals or groups on snowmobile or in a sledge pulled by a snowmobile.
Customer – the person – legal or physical – who is liable for payment for the arrangement or service.
Participant – the person or persons who participate in the arrangement or use the service.
Supplier – Laponia Adventures who delivers part or all of the arrangement or service, by themselves or through a subcontractor.
Order value – agreed price for the entire order or the sum of the ordered number of participants multiplied by the agreed price per participant and the price for additional ordered services.
Booking agent – a company that mediates arrangement bookings including or excluding mediating payment for the booking.

2. Order

Orders must be made in writing by email or through the booking system. The supplier must confirm receiving of an order in writing.

3. Payment
3.1 Deposit and final payment
3.1.1 Multi-day trips

– If the order is made more than one month before the start of the multi-day tour, a deposit of 20% must be paid when ordering.
– Final payment must be made no later than 30 days before the start of the multi-day tour. When booking later than 30 days before the start of the multi-day tour, the full price must be paid when ordering.

3.1.2 Day activities, rental and snowmobile support

– If order is made more than three months before the day activity, rental of equipment or snowmobile support starts a deposit of 20% must be paid when ordering.
– Final payment must be made no later than 90 days before the day activity, rental equipment or snowmobile support. When booking later than 90 days before the day activity, rental equipment or snowmobile support, the full price must be paid when ordering.

3.2 Payment method

Payment takes place through the selected payment method at the checkout. The payment method is provided by Stripe together with cooperation partners. Card payments by Visa, MasterCard and Maestro are accepted. Debiting of your payment card takes place immediately. Swish payments are accepted at the checkout. In case of special agreements, payment by invoice can be made. When paying by invoice, an invoice fee will be added.

3.3 Payments in arrears

If a separate agreement has been reached regarding payment by invoice in arrears, the customer must issue full payment within 30 days from the date of the invoice. If the payment deadline is exceeded, the supplier has the right to charge late payment interest from the due date with the applicable reference interest rate with an addition of eight percentage points. When invoicing, an invoicing fee will be added.

4. Prices and Fees

The price of each item is stated in Swedish kronor including VAT. In the shopping cart you can see the total price including all fees such as VAT and shipping. In case of agreement on payment by invoice, an invoicing fee will be added.

5. Binding agreement and right of withdrawal

The agreement becomes binding for the parties when the supplier has received an initial payment and confirmed the order in writing. The customer has the right to cancel his purchase until confirmation of the order from the supplier is received.

6. Processing of personal data and cookies

In order to receive, process and deliver your order, Laponia Adventures will process your personal data. All our processing of personal data takes place in accordance with current personal data legislation. You can read more about how we process your personal data under Appendix 1, Privacy policy and cookies

7. Cancellation

Cancellation must be made in writing. In case of cancellation of part of an order or individual participant, the compensation shall refer to the canceled part.

7.1 Cancellation multi-day tour

– In case of cancellation earlier than 30 days before the start of the multi-day tour, the customer must compensate the supplier with 20% of the value of the order.
– In case of cancellation 30 days or later before the start of the multi-day tour but earlier than 14 days before, the customer must compensate the supplier with 50% of the value of the order.
– In case of cancellation 14 days or later before the start of the multi-day tour, the customer must reimburse the supplier with 100% of the value of the order.

7.2 Cancellation of day activity, rental and scooter support

– In case of cancellation earlier than 14 days before the start of the day activity, rental of equipment or snowmobile support starts, the customer must compensate the supplier with 20% of the value of the order.
– In case of cancellation 14 days before or later but earlier than 7 days before the start of the day activity, rental of equipment or snowmobile support starts, the customer must compensate the supplier with 50% of the value of the order.
– In case of cancellation 7 days or later before the start of the day activity, rental of equipment or snowmobile support, the customer must compensate the supplier with 100% of the value of the order.

7.3. Cancellation after the start of the arrangement or the start of the service

Neither the participant nor the customer is entitled to any compensation if the participant himself chooses to cancel or shorten the agreement after the start of the arrangement or service. The participant pays for any extra costs that arise for evacuation, transport, accommodation, etc.

7.4 Cancellation caused by a pandemic or similar

In the event of cancellation due to a pandemic or other outbreak of serious illness that prevents the arrangement or service from being carried out on the agreed date, no cancellation fee will be paid according to point 7. By the pandemic preventing the arrangement or service from being carried out, it is meant that the authorities have issued a ban on the arrangement or service or made a binding decision which means that the arrangement or service cannot be implemented in accordance with the agreement.

The supplier has the corresponding right to cancel arrangements or service, if the implementation of the arrangement or service is prevented due to a pandemic or similar event. In doing so, the customer or participant is not entitled to any compensation.

8. Rejection of participants

The supplier has the right to reject participants from the arrangements or the service if the participant
– does not appear at the designated place on the correct date and/or time.
– do not meet the requirements for experience level or physical fitness that was communicated when ordering.
– after repeated reminders choose not to follow safety instructions or codes of conduct.
Neither the participant nor the client has the right to compensation for the remaining part of the arrangements or service and pays for any evacuation costs themselves.

9. Delayed arrival to final destination

In the event of delayed arrival at the final destination due to circumstances beyond the supplier’s control, for example severe weather, high water levels, heavy snowfall, delayed transport, no compensation is paid for loss of meals, accommodation or missed communications. It is the customer’s responsibility to leave a margin before the journey home or to order tickets that can be rebooked or cancelled.

10. Special requests when ordering

Does the customer have special requests regarding e.g. special diet, private tour, etc. it must be presented in writing at the latest when ordering. The same applies if the customer requires special security arrangements or similar. Such requests are part of the contract only if the supplier confirm in writing to fulfill them. For example, name lists with room allocation and notes on special diets and any medical conditions that are important for the arrangement or service must be available to the supplier no later than 14 days before arrival.

11. Additional orders

The customer is responsible for all additional orders made by the customer or individual participant. If the participants are to pay something individually, this must be approved by the supplier. If a participant does not show up to the ordered additional product or part of the ordered product, this does not entail the right to a reduction in the price. Payment must be made according to agreement.

11.1. Payment of additional orders

Payment of additional orders made before arrival or on site must be made by credit card or Swish at the time of ordering, unless an agreement on invoicing for additional services has been made. In the case of additional services that are ordered from a subcontractor to the supplier and which are to be invoiced via the supplier, the supplier has the right to charge an administrative fee of 10% of the amount charged by the subcontractor.

12. Valuables

If the customer wants to take property of high value and store it in the supplier’s or subcontractor’s storage areas, trunks or safes, the customer must inform the supplier of this. In the event of theft or similar, the supplier is liable for compensation only if the supplier has undertaken to be responsible for the property through written confirmation. High value refers to property with an individual value exceeding SEK 5,000.

13. Reservations
13.1 Reservation for price changes

The supplier reserves the right to increase the price of the arrangement or service if the increase is due to increased costs, such as increased fuel and food costs or taxes. The supplier must notify the customer of the price increase as soon as possible. The notification must contain a justification for the change and a calculation. The price may not be increased during the last 30 days before arrival or the start of the arrangement or service.

13.2 Other reservations

The supplier has the right to change program logistics, departure times and program content in the event of circumstances that arise outside the supplier’s control, such as delayed or canceled transport, results of consultations with affected Sami villages, severe outdoor temperature, strong wind or weather and track conditions that are judged to be unserviceable or difficult for the arrangement or the security or practical implementation of the service. Such changes must be promptly notified to the customer and, where appropriate, replaced by other program content as similar to the original as possible.

The customer is entitled to a price reduction if the provided arrangement or service has a lower value than what was agreed. The customer is not entitled to a price reduction if the change is due to the customer or participant or any event for which they are responsible. In these cases, the customer or participant is also not entitled to compensation.

14. Force majeure

A strike, lockout, fire, explosion, flood, war or state of war, acts of terrorism, outbreak of serious disease, significant reductions in supplies or other circumstances beyond the supplier’s control entitle the supplier to terminate the contract without obligation to pay damages. If the supplier cancels the contract with the support of this clause and travel services included in the contract are to be provided by a subcontractor, the supplier is only liable for reimbursement to the customer if and to the extent that the supplier receives reimbursement from the subcontractor.

15. Liability for property/causing damage

The supplier has no responsibility for property stored in hotel rooms or in the premises of the supplier or subcontractors. Should it turn out that the supplier or its employees acted carelessly or negligently or were otherwise at fault for property being lost or damaged, the supplier is responsible for the lost/damaged property. The supplier is also responsible for property stored in a locked storage area by the supplier or its subcontractor, unless the property is of particularly high value (see point 12).

The customer, for his part, is responsible for damage that he himself or his participants cause to the supplier or its subcontractors through negligence or carelessness.

16. Liability for rented or borrowed equipment

The following applies to rented equipment or equipment borrowed as part of arrangement.

Participants are responsible for
– Rented or borrowed equipment from the time receiving the equipment until returning the equipment.
– Checking the equipment when receiving the equipment to detect any damage.
– Having sufficient knowledge of how the equipment works. If the participant does not have sufficient knowledge, the participant is responsible for acquiring knowledge, either from the supplier or on their own.
– Maintaining and using the equipment in the best way. In the event of obvious carelessness or theft, the participant will be liable for damages or theft.

17. Liability during transports that is not part of an arrangement

The participant is responsible for bringing enough warm clothing and safety equipment to cope for a longer period under prevailing weather conditions.

18. Booking through booking agent

If the customer engages a booking agent or travel agency as an intermediary for the purchase of arrangements or services covered by this agreement and such intermediary is responsible for payment, the customer must ensure that funds paid to this company constitute accounting funds and are kept separate in a separate account.

19. Company information

Laponiaadventures.com and laponiaadventures.se are provided by Laponia Adventures with org number 559098-2996, in collaboration with OutVentures AB, org number 559241-7819. Information & images on the website are owned by the company or partner and may not be copied without permission.

Contact with Laponia Adventures Sweden AB by e-mail to info@laponiaadventures.com or by telephone +46(0)971656499

20. Disputes or interpretation of this agreement

Disputes arising from this agreement must be settled by a general court applying Swedish law.

Customers who are consumers can also turn to the General Complaints Board (ARN), Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm, www.arn.se, or via the EU Commission’s online platform: http://ec.europa.eu/odr to get the dispute tested.

Privacy policy and cookies

1. Handling of personal data

In order for the supplier to be able to handle an order and prepare an arrangement or service in the best way possible, the supplier needs access to the customer’s and the participant’s personal data. The supplier only handles the costumer’s and the participant’s personal data internally within the company, with the exception that the supplier shares necessary information with subcontractors for e.g. accommodation and transport. By providing the supplier with personal data that is requested when ordering, the customer gives their consent to the supplier to use the personal data in the following way:
– Costumer’s name, phone number and email for order confirmation and contact regarding order.
– The participant’s full name to be able to identify and communicate with internal staff and subcontractors regarding health status, room allocation, transport and any special diet.
– Participant’s date of birth, physical condition and experience level in order to determine whether the arrangement or service is considered suitable.
– Participant’s gender (optional) and nationality (optional) to be able to distribute accommodation etc. in an appropriate way.
– ICE contact with name and phone number in case the participant becomes seriously ill or has an accident.
– Information about special diets for the supplier to be able to plan and reserve suitable meals.
– Health status to be aware of important medical and non-medical conditions and to have as good conditions as possible to carry out a safe and good experience.
– Size such as height, weight and shoe size for the supplier to arrange the correct equipment.

2. Photo and videos

The supplier uses photos and videos taken or filmed during arrangements and services for future marketing on web and social media. Photos material may also be shared with future guests and booking agents or used at fairs and similar events. Photos and videos where the participant can be identified are used only if a general verbal approval has been received from the participant. All photo materials are taken with respect for the participant’s personal integrity regarding for example, clothing etc. The participant has the right to demand that the supplier delete any digital photo materials that have been published provided that the participant can be identified on the material.

3. Newsletter

Only if the customer approves subscription to the newsletter does the supplier have the right to send newsletters to the customer’s email up to a maximum of 6 times per year. The customer can cancel his subscription at any time by following the instructions on the newsletter. The provider never shares or sells the costumer’s email to third parties.

4. Change of data or information

If the costumer discovers inaccuracies in the personal data, the costumer has the right to have this data adjusted. The customer has the right to have their contacts details deleted, provided that this does not affect the safety of the arrangement or the service.

5. Access to payment information

Payment by credit/debit card is handled securely via Stripe Merchant Services. The supplier does not receive any information about the customer’s card details, but can use card details hidden from the supplier when making a refund.

In the case of bank transfers or swish, the supplier does not save any data other than what is visible on the supplier’s bank account. In the case of a refund via swish or bank transfer, the supplier requests the swish number or account number for the transfer itself. The data is deleted after reimbursement.

6. This website uses cookies

When visiting the supplier’s website, approval of the use of cookies is requested. The provider uses cookies such as Google Analytics and Facebook snippets to collect data about the visitor’s behavior on the website. Third-party plugins are used on the supplier’s website.

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